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Green Building Forum


Welcome to the Green Building Forum. Reading any of the public conversations is free but if you want to join in the discussions then you need to register first to obtain a code for which there is a small charge. Please follow the link on the left. OR:


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Green Building Forum

This Green Building Forum, established in 2007 is used by green building professionals, architects, builders, developers and green building owners to discuss all subjects related to green building. Join the forum now and benefit from discussions with thousands of other green building fans and discounts on Green Building Press publications: Apply now
  • To discuss the present and forthcoming changes to building standards.
    365 discussions 3,856 commentsMost recent: Instagram’s Best Shots Of The Yeezy Boo… by zx1314April 17
  • Use this category to discuss commercial scale projects or issues related to same.
    161 discussions 1,054 commentsMost recent: aluminum plate suppliers by ae29cou7:32AM
  • This category is provided so forum members can post monitoring data for the benefit of other users. Please do not use this category for any other purpose. Monitoring data can be from any appliance or building component and can be based on energy, durability or any other aspect of building related products, components or complete buildings. Users are requested not to post chit-chat on the threads containing data but feedback or comments can be added and are welcome.
    196 discussions 2,238 commentsMost recent: Cousins throws for 3 TDs, Redskins batt… by DawkinsApril 20
  • This is a bit of fun but users can post novel or interesting ways that they are reducing their burden on the planet in this category.
    76 discussions 456 commentsMost recent: Mayfield sharp as Browns roll in excess… by DawkinsApril 20
  • This category is for discussing production of energy performance certificates through dea and ndea, and dec's and simulation, etc.
    238 discussions 3,976 commentsMost recent: converse all star over the by shoestous9:12AM
  • New visitors to the forum may want to refer to items in this category if you are finding it difficult to understand some of the conversations.
    102 discussions 847 commentsMost recent: Column: Washingtons NFL staff does its … by DawkinsApril 20
  • Please feel free to add any FREE forthcoming events to this category. Paid events may only be posted after first contacting Jerry Clark on:jerryATgreenbuildingpressDOTcoDOTuk We also welcome feedback from events and courses or recommendations from people who have been on courses or training.
    154 discussions 750 commentsMost recent: Metal laser cutting suppliers by ttf4100April 19
  • In this category, user are invited to offer feedback on the forum (structure and workings), the community and other issues related to usability of this site.
    101 discussions 954 commentsMost recent: yeezy boost 350 the by allforshoesMarch 5
  • This is a member only category where members may discuss anything they wish. Not being visible to the wider web means we don't need to be so careful about the subjects covered.
    316 discussions 5,553 commentsMost recent: air max 270 sale obtain by shoesconsApril 1
  • This category is for use in the generation of knowledge base articles in an FAQ section of the website. Please do not begin new threads here unless they have been agreed upon. Members posting on threads in the category are please requested to keep to the subject under discussion. The editor or board user will delete comments that are off subject.
    137 discussions 3,048 commentsMost recent: Yeezy Boost Outlet cufflinks by shoestousMarch 19
  • If you cannot find a category in the list below that your proposed topic fits within then you are invited to post it here. be aware that many in the community will be reading threads in their particular interest area so you are more likely to get the best replies if you take a little time to choose the right category.
    5,445 discussions 83,486 commentsMost recent: MVHR and bringing in outside noise and … by caixuemei22April 19
  • This is a members only category where we can discuss the next edition (Fourth) of the Green building Bible.
    10 discussions 57 commentsMost recent: The nike free 5.0 rea supplies by dutongtieSeptember 2018
  • Previously known as Building for a Future magazine. Here you can discuss forthcoming features, offer feedback on features and content.
    39 discussions 838 commentsMost recent: Nike Air Max 90 Lowest Price by caixuemei22April 6
  • This category has been created to satisfy the wishes of members to discuss green issues that are not specifically about building.
    66 discussions 1,356 commentsMost recent: the balenciaga triple s pas cher sneaker by sankemgsdDecember 2018
  • 1,190 discussions 20,126 commentsMost recent: Thin or traditional screed with ufh by caixuemei22April 19
  • Users are invited to discuss issues relating to new build housing which might include subjects such as energy efficiency, building regulations land allocation etc.
    1,127 discussions 19,273 commentsMost recent: SIP house sole plate detail, help needed by caixuemei22April 15
  • This category is likely to be the most busy. Forum users and visitors are invited to ask questions and debate issues related to housing renovation or remodeling. Issues that could be discussed here might include insulation options, building regulations, structure or fabric, builders or other professionals. There is obviously overlap with other areas such as products but as a guideline, please discuss product specific things in the product section.
    1,850 discussions 28,419 commentsMost recent: Flexible 5050 Smd LED Module by ae29cou7:32AM
  • Only members of the forum can see this thread.
    106 discussions 2,908 commentsMost recent: pcba packaging sevice by ae29cou7:32AM
  • You can start threads here if you have any building related products that you wish to pass on or aquire. Or if you are looking for a building professional to carry out some aspect of eco-design, remodeling or building work. Commercial postings will be removed unless that have received authorisation fro Jerry Clark: jerryATgreenbuildingpressDOTcoDOTuk
    322 discussions 1,683 commentsMost recent: MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty is a co… by cheappointssaleApril 20
  • Here we can discuss the politics of the day, forthcoming legislation, government innitiatives, grants and other such stuff related to our sector. No party political discussions are allowed please.
    130 discussions 3,196 commentsMost recent: Pacers Inbound links: Pacers lean upon … by RamirezMarch 21
  • Please exercise care when creating a thread or discussing products in this category. We are happy for you to discuss generic product types rather than specific trade-names. You may however discuss real world experiences of specific (tradenamed) products but please do not use the forum to pass on hearsay or slander. We do not allow any product dealers to introduce their product to the community via this forum. If you have a great product then please ask one of your satisfied customers to star
    515 discussions 7,700 commentsMost recent: Breather membranes by caixuemei22April 7
  • As the title suggests, this is where you can ask questiions and offer your experiences on any renewable energy equipment or strategies.
    1,090 discussions 21,541 commentsMost recent: Log Boiler for French chateau by caixuemei22March 30