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ecobuild, Excel 2014

edited February 2014 in General
Any comments about whether ecobuild is worth visiting? Is there enough good basic info and advice there to tap into or is it just a selling factory?


  • gone well downhill since it started, worth it if you liked ideal home exhibition, I'm not going it is very big now and "they" are all there even the non green lot!
  • I think it really depends on how much it costs you to visit these shows. We've worked our way through a stack of them (Homebuilding and renovating, Grand Designs, Ecobuild and the Home Improvement show, 100% Design). I'm not sure we've ever paid for a ticket (and if we have at most it's been half price) and since we're in London we either cycle there or it just costs us a tube fare. A train day return to the NEC is cheap and quick as well.

    There has always been something we've found that's been worth the effort. I'd say Grand Designs is probably the worst as it's horrendously busy BUT there's some more interesting interiors stuff that you don't get at the others.
  • The 'unique selling point' of Ecobuild was generally the seminar programme - in the early days at least, they used to get some quite enlightened speakers to give a succinct 10 minute talk (TED-style) and allow some audience questions.

    The last few I've attended have seemed a lot more simplistic, but that could just be that I've learned more on this forum than I could in a 10-min talk. The exhibit stands also got a bit swamped with spurious brands and show-girls in mini-skirts giving away free trinkets...

    I'm in London anyway and as Simon says above, there's generally something there that makes it a worthwhile half-day excursion.

    If you know there's a few speakers or exhibitors there that you want to ask a specific question (i.e. about heat pumps or sheeps wool insulation) then it's probably worth the trip. If you just go to browse then you'll leave feeling a bit dizzy and overwhelmed, wondering where the last 3 hours went!
  • Aren't we all in London anyway? England Vs Danmark at Wembley on the Wednesday night!
  • Odd that as I am in North London, but heading home soon.
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