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Who is responsible?

I have just had my frame erected and was then told by the company that I was to board the inside of the external walls in order to provide racking as designed by their engineer. This at my own cost (probably over 1k so not bank breaking). Their defence is that my architect had the drawings with this detail on and he had signed it off. My architect was only employed by me to do the drawings not sign anything off, but out of his own steam he has been working alongside us. the frame company didn't give us any drawings to check or agree to other than our quote (our fault clearly, with hindsight). there have been other snags that I have absorbed but have decided to put my foot down on this one. My question is should I persist in saying it is their responsibility?


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    Posted By: adwindrumas designed by their engineer.
    Posted By: adwindrummy architect had the drawings with this detail
    Posted By: adwindrumthe frame company didn't give us any drawings
    There is a non-sequitur here. From just the logic you have described the only drawing was generated by you and had the boarding on it(perhaps the boarding detail was prompted by the frame company verbally direct to your architect?) , you then failed to construct iaw your own drawings,if their quote didn't have this detail on it, even if only because, IYO, it was too generic, then it is all down to you IMO.

    Perhaps it is easier for me to see this because I know nothing about said boarding or framing - from what you have relayed unless boarding is ALWAYS carried out by a framing company as std, it is down to you. Sorry,
  • The sequence was the frame company were given my architects drawings which didnt have internal boarding on, they did some engineering drawings for the frame but dint show internal boards simply added a note to say internal boards were to be fitted by client. The mistake was that the architect wasnt employed by us beyond the planning drawings so I feel he has no responsibility to then say what I should or shouldnt be "buying". I think it is yet another one of these "grey" areas that the client ends up paying for when lines get crossed. I have sucked a few of these and thought I would put my foot down on this one. As it happens the frame company (who have been brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone in the SW) are supplying the boarding for me to fit.
  • You can't win, though. I think I'm being labelled the client from hell for trying to make sure this sort of stuff gets tied down properly.

    Programmer habits of trying to get things as well specified as possible and positively looking for things which can go wrong all the time vs building industry manly men who don't do communication and expect people to just deal with details (doesn't matter how crappily - the customer will never know).

    House designer went completely off the boil for a while then came up with the cunning plan of passing a lot more than just detailing off to the structural engineer with the “suggestion” that I deal directly with the SE. Haven't heard from the SE for a fortnight now despite a couple of emails of comments and questions and another short message at the end of last week pointing out the two most urgent issues. Suspect the SE is curled up under his desk with his thumb in his mouth making little whimpering noises.
  • Sounds like a good result! As always the 'relationship' is everything.
  • I suspect that people on forums like this make merry hell for S.Es and builders who are used to just pushing things through their way and avoiding details. I was guilty of slack monitoring. Lesson learnt.
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