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EWI and Gas Pipes - Green Building Forum


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EWI and Gas Pipes

Hi all, new to the forum so apologies if this has been asked before or is in the wrong place.

Looking at the possibilities of EWI at the moment but have external gas pipes on the property and cannot seem to get a straight/definitive answer on what the regulations are on whether they can (leaving aside whether it's a good idea or not) be buried under the insulation, or whether they have to be re-routed.

My local planning office were unable to advise and cannot get any sense out of British Gas so any help really appreciated, links to the regs would be ideal

Many thanks in advance


  • Ragman,

    In Wxm/N Wales, the contractors leave them clear, putting in stops about 2" either side, and leave the pipework and meter box in-situ.
    So, yes, it does leave a 'cold spot'.....:confused:
  • That sort of makes the whole thing pointless doesn't it?
  • If it's your gas pipe then do what you like

    If it's the incoming gas pipe and meter cabinet then where I've seen EWI undertaken they have been relocated to the new external face (and presumably the gas entry point is sleeved through the original wall and the EWI layer)

    There is a whole estate of corporation houses near to where I work being EWI'd at the moment - at least the unpurchased ones anyway - aside from the estate looking like some mad jamboree party they are certainly shifting the gas mains on each house as part of the process.


  • Buried gas pipes generally need to be ventilated if they are in a void as part of gas safe regulations but is EWI considered as having a void behind it? I reckon belt and braces would be don't bury them.
  • edited July 2014
    Yeah, bit of a grey area but I would think this gas pipe installation would likely fall into two categories - 1, must be installed in a ventilated duct and 2, IGE/UP/7, treated as per timber frame dwellings states that where a copper gas supply is run vertically behind plaster board finish, that the copper tube should be protected by a 1mm steel plate to prevent any penetration. The easiest way of achieving this is to either sleeve the copper tube in mild steel barrel or in fact run this part of the supply in mild steel barrel. The same degree of protection is required when installing a copper gas supply behind the plaster board finish of a dry lined wall.
  • Do not play with Gas Pipes Sir, unless your Gas SAFE, and if before the meter stay clear, a enabling company will be required to extend them away from the building to allow EWI to be installed under have a look at the below web site, it will show you pipe fixing these can be chanced to use with Gas Pipes so enabling can be done firs then EWI after. good luck let me know if it helps
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