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do you really need all the extra standards and awards - Green Building Forum


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do you really need all the extra standards and awards

i am looking to refurbish my mid terraced house next year, and apart from planning for the EWI and the building regs inspector signing every thing off,

are all the other award bodies worth the extra costs

i have been reading like mad on here on all the topics and subjects and people here speak of Breeem and passihus and so on, all of these people and their awards i take, it cost money ?

since we are not planning to sell the house in the long term are they worth there costs??

come to think of it what are there costs?


  • no, and the costs are high and some have very odd things in them too by way of assements that seem irrelevant to me.
  • I like the idea of minimum standards, but they way we administer things in the UK is just dreadful.
    Though it does seem to work for gas.
  • i think i will get the building regs people to sign every thing off and i shall write my own spec and get the calc's done for the u values
  • Good idea; keep it very local!
  • edited October 2014
    Aim at u values at or below 1.0 and windows 0.7 edited 0.1 and 0.7 for windows -- sorry
  • Tony, I hope you mean 0.1 and 0.7.
  • yes, sorry, edited
  • looking at the systems for the walls i was looking at starting to aim for 0.22 for the solid wall internal ins and the external walls
    100mm kingspan

    fors 0.22 for 300mm of isover fibreglass in the gnd floor timber floors

    for the loft i was looking at warm roof 50mm in rafters and 100mm over the top

    windows we have yet to confirm the design as we are trying to use lam glass , triple layer and a wooden frame

    rather than pcv

    we are definitely going to smash out the gnd floor concrete kitchen slab to ins and relay

    would like to have rain water toilet flush

    but we dont want really to aim for the press or tv or magazines or award shows, we just want the best house we can afford for the best value.
  • edited October 2014
    Posted By: terracedpetesmash out the gnd floor concrete kitchen slab to ins and relay
    An external deep 'coffer dam' of insulation enclosing the foundation walls and the block of subsoil under the floor, wd be just as gd, esp if combined with external wall insulation. Prob no need to worry about the party walls, as the neighbours are keeping that subsoil nice and warm. Turn it into a french drain and no rising damp, too.
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