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Bought a 3 year old newbuild a year ago (property had taken 3 years to sell.) We have spent the last year arguing with window company about the sills splitting/unlaminating. We had thought we could take them to court under the Sale of Goods Act but then realised the contract isn't with us, it is with the builder/developer. (The company are saying that the 10 year manufacturing defects warranty has been invalidated because the builder didn't look after and maintain the windows during the 3 years the property stood empty!! Clearly the sills ARE defective but we have been going round and round in circles.)  It looks like the builder/developer may be about to replace the windows but obviously we don't want more of the same e.g rubbish windows  !!! We currently have 'wooden' windows,  that is  engineered /laminated, what is more  they were trade so the builder isn't going to be prepared to pay much more than the original cost for replacement windows. (£3000.) What we don't want (3 + years down the line) is to find that we have got some more rubbish windows! (We have reported the Wood Window Alliance to trading standards because clearly not ALL their members windows meet their standards.) Read through a few threads here about the Greenbuilding Store (?) and Russell Timber, any idea where we might get some good 'trade' windows from so we can point the developer in the right direction?  We have been thinking that even if  trade windows cost more (for some decent ones) it might be worth us trying to find the difference in order to get some decent windows, what we don't want to do is try to make up the difference between trade and full price 



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    Or do as the manufacturer says and maintain them like the builder didn't do..

    PS- this forum doesn't appear to be actively used. Try the one at for one that is active/same audience
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