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are goats nocturnal? - Green Building Forum


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are goats nocturnal?

edited March 2010 in Free speech space
There is a feral goat roaming my wood for two years but I have yet to see or hear him. I wasnt too bothered until now but he has been stripping the bark from my newly set willow cuttings.

What can I do to lure him into the open and subsequent capture?


  • Get a Billy or a Nanny!
  • The get ready for supper:shamed:
  • edited March 2010
    I suspect it's not a goat but a muntjac...

    Some of the muntjac around my part of cambridgeshire are funny shapes. Some look like goats and others have short dumpy legs and could even pass as a pig on a dark night.

    Edited to correct spelling!
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  • edited March 2010
    Get ready for supper!
  • Is there an open season for these creatures?
  • If it is a muntjack, I think it is open season on them, certainly as far as the forestry commision are concerned. They taste OK though, from my pre veggie days.
  • Kinda ironic that on a green building forum, as soon as a bit of wild life turns up everyone wants to kill and eat it for daring to encrouch on human activities

    and in the next thread everyone will be lamenting the fact that the world is too consumerist, greedy, blind to the enviroment etc etc!

  • How many ways are there to spell the English name for Muntiacus reevesi?
  • don't think we have muntjack in Ireland. Pretty sure it's a goat as I know they love to strip the bark off sallys alone.
    It's also known as goat willow of course.

    have erected an electric fence around this plot as a temp solution but untrained animals sometimes demolish these.

    steamy tea, lol, one goat is plenty thanks.
  • edited March 2010
    Posted By: mike548don't think we have muntjack in Ireland.
    Google found...

    Muntjac Deer (Muntiacus reevesi) alert
    Muntjac deer are small deer, weighing up to 19kg and approximately 50 cm high at the shoulder and chestnut brown in colour. Muntjac are selective browers of shrubs and woodland ground flora preventing seed regeneration of important conservation species such as blue bells.

    A specimen of this deer has recently been recorded in Ireland. Watch out for muntjac and report all sightings, suspected tracks, and collisions with vehicles.

    For more information on this and other non native deer species please see the Most Unwanted Potential Terrestrial species. Download the Non Native Deer information flier.
  • Despite their size, they are one of the most audible deer and can bark loudly for up to 20 minutes in an effort to find a mate.

    haven't heard any barking yet
  • Seam to remember that my farmer friend said that goats hate the cold and have to be brought in at night, so much more likely to be a deer. And they do make a lot of noise.
  • I would love to bring this one in at night and keep him in.

    Think your farmer friend is speaking about farm goats. This one may be an escapee or a dumped buck is my guess.
    Plenty of droppings about but I think goat and deer droppings look similar.
  • How does that joke go... If you want your garden dug you tip off the police that there is something burried there.
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